Meet Garrett Bubnack

My Passion in life is gifting others something to celebrate. I love making people happy and I love how food brings people together. Four years ago my little brother gave me the idea to start a food truck. Today the Drippin’ Kitchen is serving San Diego’s most cravorbale gourmet grilled cheese and Killer Sandwhches.

I specially source the bread for our delicious grilled cheeses and sandwiches from a local artisan bakery here in my hometown Carlsbad. We offer that nostalgic quality you have been craving! You’ll want to sink your teeth into this cheesy, gooey goodness. From our 3-cheese Drippin’ Classic to our famous Mac Daddy~ it is the best around.

If you’re in the mood for something a little less cheesy , try one of our killer sandwiches. TheJalapeño Chipotle Chicken is one of the most popular menu items. It has juicy chipotle chicken, gouda, caramelized onions, jalapeños, and our Drippin’ chipotle sauce. Or Try the Chick-A-Dee herbed chicken pesto sandwich with mozzarella and fresh arugula & tomatoes. These two will leave you WOW’D.

A new favorite is the Drippin’ Birria. It’s also one of our killer sandwiches. Think Birria Taco, but next level. It’s delicious. Born and raised here in San Diego-I had to put my spin on this local sensation. You should also probably know that by Tía makes our Birria Res traditionally from scratch -slow cooking the carne to make the most mouth watering braised gourmet grilled cheese sandwich Drippin’

We have a super friendly team that is grateful to serve all of SD! We take Pride in providing quick and friendly service. I don’t know what happened to great customer service, but we are still serving it with a smile here at the Drippin’ Kitchen. The Drippin’ experience is full of flavor and my team and I would love to cater it directly to you!